AGA eR7 Series

The AGA eR7 range of appliances is powered by electricity and has the classic, good looks you would expect from an AGA cooking appliance but with more controllability providing fully digitally controlled ovens and hotplates. Food cooked in the cast-iron ovens is flavourful, succulent and tastes better.

Crafted to rapidly heat up, The AGA eR7 Series range allows you to switch ovens and hotplates on and off as needed. With its comprehensive programmability, you can optimize energy consumption and achieve the most economical operation. This range ensures that you are always ready to cook the moment you step into the kitchen.

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AGA eR7 100

AGA eR7 models are on when required and off when not. The AGA eR7 100 presents the timeless AGA design and three cast-iron ovens for cooking with radiant heat. As with all AGA cookers, they have the ability to release gentle heat into the room as desired.

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AGA eR7 150

The AGA eR7 150i features three cast-iron ovens designed for roasting, baking, and simmering, along with two extra ovens that can be independently controlled for slow cooking and warming purposes. The roasting and baking ovens provide exceptional accuracy with the inclusion of pre-set temperatures for precise cooking. This particular model showcases a cutting-edge induction hob.

AGA eR7 160

The AGA eR7 160 boasts three cast-iron ovens dedicated to roasting, baking, and simmering, along with two hotplates managed through a user-friendly touch-screen control panel. Both hotplates and ovens offer independent control, and for precise temperature management, the roasting oven has 5 heat settings, while the baking oven has 4.

AGA eR7 210

AGA eR7 210 cookers feature a trio of cast-iron ovens dedicated to roasting, baking, and simmering, accompanied by two hotplates, all controllable through a touch-screen panel. Hotplates and ovens are individually managed, with the roasting oven offering 5 heat settings and the baking oven featuring 4.

Reasons to consider the AGA eR7

Variety of cooking methods

AGA appliances utilise gentle heat, which effectively preserves the flavour, texture, and nutrients of food. This gentle heat emanates from the inner surfaces of the ovens, establishing distinct cooking zones.

The all-electric AGA eR7 Series is equipped with a cast-iron baking oven, roasting oven, and simmering oven. Additionally, the 150 model features two supplementary steel ovens designed for slow cooking and warming purposes.

Two AGA hotplates are present; one for boiling and another for simmering. These hotplates can accommodate large cookware or serve as additional cooking surfaces. For added flexibility, the five-oven model offers extra ovens and the choice between a warming plate or a cutting-edge induction hob.

Cutting-edge digital controls

The AGA eR7 100 ovens and hotplates feature an advanced digital touch screen panel, allowing you to effortlessly turn on or off ovens and hotplates as needed, and precisely regulate the temperatures of your roasting and baking ovens.

With the handset, you can conveniently schedule your ovens to turn on automatically on specific days and times, ensuring they are preheated and ready for cooking whenever you need them.

Oven versatility

The AGA eR7 100 offers comprehensive digital temperature control for a diverse array of dishes, thanks to its four settings in the baking oven and five settings in the roasting oven, alongside the extended, slow-cooking capabilities of the simmering oven.

In the roasting oven, users benefit from five pre-set cooking options - R9, R8, R7, R6, and B4 - allowing for flexible adjustment of oven temperatures from very high to moderate. This versatility enables the oven to function effectively as a secondary baking oven. The R9 setting is particularly well-suited for quick grilling.

Meanwhile, the baking oven boasts four pre-set cooking settings - B4, B3, B2, and B1 - enabling temperature adjustments from moderate to cool. With separate flavour compartments, simultaneous cooking of sweet and savoury dishes poses no issue. Additionally, this oven can double as a secondary simmering oven.

Designed and built in the UK

The AGA eR7 Series collection offers iconic AGA good looks and the highest level of attention to detail, featuring a branded handrail and AGA embossed oven doors.

The cast-iron ovens of the AGA eR7 Series range are covered with a special Altrashellâ„¢ coating, which seals the cast iron and makes them easier to clean.

There's also a new cooler-touch, stainless steel inner door liners on the roasting, baking and simmering ovens. This patented design creates a cooler outer door panel and allows for the inner door panels to be removed for cleaning.

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