AGA ERA Series

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Introducing the new AGA ERA

ERA embodies a blend of evolution and revolution, seamlessly merging technology with design and marrying heritage with modernity. It introduces an innovative use of glass, creating a visually stunning, cohesive aesthetic that epitomizes beauty, contemporaneity, and seamless integration into modern kitchens.

The all-electric AGA ERA boasts two spacious cast-iron radiant heat-storage ovens, a fan oven, a powerful grill, a four-zone induction hob, and a controllable cast-iron hotplate. These features are elegantly enclosed within a contemporary black glass fascia accented with polished chrome trim, elevating the kitchen’s style and functionality.

Streamlined Elegance

AGA ERA embodies ergonomic design, offering a comprehensive solution for cooking needs. Its intuitive interface is touch-screen controlled, providing a sensory cooking experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this cooker seamlessly enhances the cooking process, ensuring optimal results for every dish.

Designed for modern kitchens, AGA ERA combines conventional cooking features with radiant heat-storage cast-iron ovens. It also includes an induction hob and a cast-iron hotplate, catering to diverse cooking preferences and requirements.

A different way of cooking

In addition to its fan oven, ERA features two cast-iron heat-storage ovens that utilize radiant heat for cooking. This gentle and intuitive method is akin to the warmth of sunlight streaming through a window. It offers a nurturing cooking environment, preserving the integrity of ingredients.

Food prepared with radiant heat boasts enhanced flavor as it is shielded from harsh cooking conditions. Radiant heat cooking is versatile, efficient, and effortless, allowing for roasting, baking, grilling, steaming, frying, and slow-cooking, resulting in succulent and nutritious dishes.

Beautiful, practical, enduring

Every aspect of ERA has been meticulously crafted to embody premium design principles, utilizing carefully selected materials and showcasing a subtly confident aesthetic.

Designed as the quintessential cook's appliance, ERA seamlessly blends into your kitchen and effortlessly becomes a part of your daily life.

In essence, it's an AGA encased in glass.

Three spacious ovens

AGA food boasts superior taste due to the gentle radiant heat of its cast-iron heat-storage ovens, preserving moisture, flavor, texture, and nutrients. AGA ERA features two such ovens: one optimized for roasting and baking, while the other excels in long, slow simmering.

The roasting and baking oven offers eight temperature settings, ranging from high-temperature roasting (R9) to gentle baking (B1), and reaches desired temperatures in just 60 minutes. Both cast-iron ovens are equipped with an internal Altrashell™ coating and removable door liners for effortless cleaning.

Conventional Oven

Each of the three ovens boasts spacious doors with magnetic closures for secure and convenient operation.

Behind the lower door is a conventional fan oven, offering nine temperature settings from B1 to R9, with a rapid heat-up time of just 15 minutes. This oven is equipped with a heat-reflective, tinted window on the door and internal lighting for easy monitoring of your cooking progress.

2.1KW Grill and Cast Iron Hotplate

Within the roasting and baking oven, you'll find an integrated 2.1kW grill, offering four grilling positions. The higher positions are ideal for swift cooking, while the lower positions cater to slower, more precise cooking requirements.

With a spacious cast-iron hotplate capable of accommodating up to four pans, AGA ERA offers the flexibility of boiling or simmering modes. This hotplate reaches operating temperature in less than 12 minutes and is complemented by a cast-iron vitreous enamel surround for convenient pan resting.

Cutting-edge Induction Hob

ERA boasts a user-friendly touch-control four-zone induction hob, providing rapid, safe, and energy-efficient cooking experiences.

Additionally, it offers a bridging function on both the left and right sides, accommodating griddles or large pans with ease. Other features include boil dry detection, a timer, pot detection, child lock, pause button, and a 'power boost' function, offering ten minutes of maximum power when needed.

Adjustable Features for Contemporary Lifestyles

AGA ERA's ovens and cast-iron hotplate are managed through a cutting-edge touch-screen control panel, discretely concealed beneath the top glass door.

Moreover, the cooker comes equipped with a handheld programmer, allowing users to pre-set the cast-iron heat-storage ovens, ensuring they are primed for cooking whenever needed.


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