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For more than a century, AGA has been a cornerstone of the kitchen, breathing vitality into culinary spaces. AGA recognizes the significance of home, family, friendship, and delicious food, understanding that modern homes must meet increasingly demanding requirements. This understanding drives the creation of AGA cookers tailored for every stage of life. Whether it’s the first home or a forever home, there’s an AGA cooker perfectly suited to every cook and every kitchen.

AGA ERA Series

ERA represents a fusion of evolution and revolution, where technology merges with design and tradition meets modernity. It introduces a groundbreaking use of glass, creating a visually stunning cooker that effortlessly complements any contemporary kitchen.

AGA eR3 Series

The ER3 Series was the first AGA collection to feature models that combine both cast-iron radiant heat cooking and conventional cooking. The mix of ovens, hotplates and an induction hob means you have a cooker for all seasons and one that makes it very easy to manage energy usage.

AGA eR7 Series

Models in the AGA eR7 Series collection are powered by electricity and have the iconic good looks you’d expect from an AGA cooker, but with enhanced controllability, providing full digital control for ovens and hotplates.

AGA R3 Series

If you’re a fan of the classic AGA cooker that’s always on but want more features and lower running costs, then the new AGA R3 Series with a 13-amp power supply might be just what you need. Each oven and hotplate can be used independently, and the model comes with a high-speed infrared grill and the option of an induction hob.

AGA R7 Series

The AGA R7 is a fully electric cooker that is easy to use and highly controllable. It comes with a range of refined features that allow for flexible cooking. The ovens are designed to be left on at all times, ensuring they are always available for use and provide a gentle warmth that keeps your kitchen cosy.

AGA Integrated or Freestanding Modules

If you already have an AGA cooker and want to enhance its functionality, you can add an AGA Module. You can either place these modules next to your AGA or position them anywhere in your kitchen as a free-standing unit. These modules provide various cooking options, including a slow cook oven and an integral grill, a fan oven, and a four-zone gas hob or ceramic hob, depending on the model.

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