Product Videos

A Test Drive of The AGA R7 Series Cooker

Watch AGA Demonstrator Penny Zako offer a test drive of the AGA R7 Series cooker.

A Test Drive of the AGA eR7 Series Cooker

The innovative AGA eR7 Series is part of our Everyday Radiant Heat range and can be switched on and off as you need it.

Everhot’s Quick Start Guide

This film guides you through the basic operating principles of an Everhot, no matter which size of model you have ordered, and will get you cooking in no time.

How to use the AGA ERA control panel

The AGA ERA ovens along with the cast-iron hotplate can be controlled through a modern touch-screen control panel that is concealed beneath the top glass door.

A Test Drive of the AGA eR3 Series large size models (150, 160 & 170)

AGA Demonstrator Naomi Hansell talks you through the large AGA eR3 Series models including the 150, 160 and 170.

The Everhot Grill

The Everhot Grill is based on the traditional Argentinian ‘asado’ style of cooking, which is all about fire, a grill, and meat.