Everhot Electric Heater

The Everhot Electric Heater can be easily plugged into a 13amp socket in any room of your home, such as a bedroom, home office, garden room, or even a campervan. It features a 1.5kW heating element that is controlled through a simple dial located on the front of the heater. The heat vent is beautifully crafted and provides gentle warmth to the room as the body of the heater heats up. Additionally, the heat storage construction of the heater is designed to stay warm for long periods, even after the heater has been turned off.

The Everhot Electric Heater is a great way to add warmth to any room without the need for an oven. Its timeless design can enhance the look of an unused fireplace or add character to a corner of a bedroom. It is constructed from traditional heavyweight steel and cast iron, just like our Stove model, but is slightly lighter. It also features a fixed door which makes it easier to move from one room to another.

  • Fuel type: Electric
  • Connection: Standard 13 amp socket
  • Type: 1.5kW steel and cast iron room heater
  • Weight: 50kg approx
Colours available: Aubergine
Price from: £1,195.00 Inc. VAT (delivery and installation fees apply)
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Product Family Everhot Heater
Number of 13A power supplies 1
Width (mm) 271.5
Depth (mm) 275
Height (mm) 277.5
Power cable (m) 1.5
Typical heat output (kW) 1.5
Approximate weight (kg) 50

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