Everhot 150 Series

Everhot 150 Series cookers possess an undeniable presence and timeless design, making them a perfect complement to even the most majestic kitchens. Serving as a versatile and brilliant extension to the Everhot 120 Series, these appliances offer two choices: the Everhot 150+ and Everhot 150i. Whether you’re hosting friends or preparing extensive family meals, the Everhot 150+ stands out with its sophistication and capacity to handle any culinary scenario. Notably, unlike many other sizable range cookers, every component of this exquisite appliance can be set to meet your cooking and seasonal heating needs.

With its four spacious ovens, abundant cast iron hotplate capacity, two grills, integral controls, and a convenient resting plate between the hotplates, the Everhot 150+ stands out as an ideal choice. Similar to the Everhot 120+, this cooker is perfect for individuals seeking extra heat in their kitchen.

The Everhot 150i seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with timeless design. It features three independently controlled ovens for roasting, baking, and slow cooking, along with an additional plate-warming oven. The appliance also includes cast iron hot and simmer plates, along with a three-zone induction hob. The controls for the Everhot 150i are discreetly hidden behind the center door, while a touch-screen induction hob is revealed under the right-hand lid. This range not only brings a significant presence to your kitchen but also represents a groundbreaking development by Everhot, marrying traditional cast iron plates with high-tech induction. The induction hob meets all requirements for both state-of-the-art reliability and performance.

  • Fuel type: Electric
  • Size: 150 cm
  • Trim: Optional chrome pack
  • Hob Type: 150+ – hot plates & simmer plates; 150i – hot plate, simmer plate and induction hob
Colours available: Aubergine
Price from: £13,360.00 Inc. VAT (delivery and installation fees apply)
Product Family EVH 150
Model 150+ / 150i
Number of ovens 4 (150+) / 3 + warming (150i)
Number of 13A power supplies 2
Width (mm) 1490
Depth (mm) 600
Height (mm) (to hob surface) 900
Height (mm) (lid up) 1530
Oven with grill width (mm) 395
Oven with grill height (mm) 290
Oven with grill depth (mm) 490
150+ oven width (mm) 395
150+ oven height (mm) 290
150+ oven depth (mm) 470
150+ oven max 120° width (mm) 395
150+ oven max 120° height (mm) 290
150+ oven max 120° depth (mm) 470
150+ plate warming oven width (mm) 390
150+ plate warming oven height (mm) 140
150+ plate warming oven depth (mm) 400
150i oven width (mm) 395
150i oven height (mm) 290
150i oven depth (mm) 470
Hot plate width (mm) 235
Hot plate depth (mm) 355
150+ simmer plates width (mm) 165
150+ simmer plates depth (mm) 355
150i simmer plate width (mm) 165
150i simmer plate depth (mm) 355
150i induction hob zones 3
Power consumption using ECO overnight (kWh per week) 140 (150+) / 90 (150i)
Typical heat output (W) 1200 (150+) / 700 (150i)
Approximate weight (kg) 550 (150+) / 450 (150i)

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