Rangemaster Cookers

A Rangemaster range cooker is the perfect centerpiece for your kitchen offering a wide range of style, size and fuel types making it easy for you to find the perfect cooker for your kitchen.

Rangemaster 60 Classic

If you’re looking for a top-quality range cooker with all the features but don’t have much space, then Rangemaster’s 60cm collection is the perfect solution for you. There are different types of fuel options available, including All Gas, Ceramic, Dual Fuel, and Induction models.

Rangemaster Elise 90, 100 & 110

The Elise range cooker boasts a high quality French design in various widths and ten beautiful shades. The cast iron pan supports, multi-ring burner and wok cradle on the dual fuel designs make it ideal for home cooks and novice chefs, while the electric version features an easy-clean induction hob.

Rangemaster Nexus 90 & 110

The Nexus from Rangemaster offers a contemporary style cooker that delivers performance and scores high on on its sleek design. The model boasts a range of new features which distinguishes the Nexus, making it unique to the range.

Rangemaster Kitchener 90,100 & 110

You can't argue with experience - that's what we've learnt from the Kitchener which is as relevant today as it was two centuries ago. Invented and built on the same site as our current Leamington Spa factory, the Kitchener revolutionised how people cooked. It was designed and built by William Flavel, the son of our company's founding family. and proved an instant success. gracing the kitchens or royalty the world over.

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