AGA eR7 210

AGA eR7 210 cookers feature a trio of cast-iron ovens dedicated to roasting, baking, and simmering, accompanied by two hotplates, all controllable through a touch-screen panel. Hotplates and ovens are individually managed, with the roasting oven offering 5 heat settings and the baking oven featuring 4. An additional AGA module and hot cupboard in the eR7 210 model include an integral grill, fan oven, warming oven, and two slow cooking ovens.

Opting for the dual fuel model introduces a 4-burner gas hob, while the electric model offers an alternative 4-zone ceramic hob. Furthermore, each model allows the choice between a single-zone induction hob or an AGA warming plate.

The cast-iron ovens are coated with Altrashellâ„¢, providing a seal that simplifies cleaning. Inner door liners are removable and dishwasher-safe for added convenience. As part of the Everyday Radiant Heat collection, these cookers are responsive to your needs, powering on when required and off when not in use. True to AGA’s tradition, they can emit gentle heat into the room as desired.

  • Fuel type: Electric or dual fuel options
  • Size: 210 cm
  • Trim: Stainless Steel
  • Hob Type: Induction hob or gas hob options
Colours available: Salcombe Blue
Price from: £25,305.00 Inc. VAT (delivery and installation fees apply)
Collection Everyday Radiant Heat
Product Family AGA eR7
Model Name eR7 210-7g / eR7 210-7ig (dual fuel) / eR7 210-7e / eR7 210-7ie (electric)
Height (mm) 915
Width (mm) 2084
Depth (mm) 698
Weight (kg) 609 (duel fuel) / 574 (electric)
No. of Ovens 7
Roasting Oven Yes
Baking Oven Yes
Simmering Oven Yes
Slow Cook Oven Yes
Module Slow Cook Oven Yes
Warming Oven Yes
Conventional Fan Oven Yes
Grill Dual Element
Boiling Plate Yes
Simmering Plate Yes
Switch On / Switch Off Hotplates Yes
Gas Hob or Ceramic Hob Both models available
Induction Hob Yes, on selected models
Number of Induction Zones 1 (on selected models)
Programmer /Timer Option Yes
Room Vented Yes
Fuel Type Dual Fuel or Electric
Roasting Oven Height (mm) 250
Roasting Oven Width (mm) 350
Roasting Oven Depth (mm) 500
Roasting Oven Usable Capacity (l) 39.9
Baking Oven Height (mm) 250
Baking Oven Width (mm) 350
Baking Oven Depth (mm) 500
Baking Oven Usable Capacity (l) 40.6
Simmering Oven Height (mm) 250
Simmering Oven Width (mm) 350
Simmering Oven Depth (mm) 500
Simmering Oven Usable Capacity (l) 40.6
Slow Cook Oven Height (mm) 250
Slow Cook Oven Width (mm) 350
Slow Cook Oven Depth (mm) 530
Slow Cook Oven Usable Capacity (l) 43
Module Slow Cook Oven Height (mm) 220
Module Slow Cook Oven Width (mm) 349
Module Slow Cook Oven Depth (mm) 480
Warming Oven Height (mm) 250
Warming Oven Width (mm) 350
Warming Oven Depth (mm) 530
Warming Oven Usable Capacity (l) 43
Conventional Fan Oven Height (mm) 250
Conventional Fan Oven Width (mm) 349
Conventional Fan Oven Depth (mm) 430
Actual Volume (litres) 42
Grill Dual Element
Hotplate Cooking Zones 4
Electrical Requirements 2 x 32 amp + 3 amp fuse
Gas Supply Required For Dual Fuel model

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