AGA R7 150

The AGA R7 150, crafted and manufactured in the United Kingdom, combines the aesthetic appeal of AGA with improved controllability.

The AGA R7 cookers showcase a user-friendly control panel, offering versatility and energy efficiency through four distinct temperature settings. This includes a low mode and a high-temperature option to deliver an extra boost when required.

With three cast-iron heat storage ovens designed for roasting, baking, and simmering, the AGA R7 150 provides comprehensive cooking capabilities. Additionally, it features two independently controllable ovens dedicated to slow cooking and warming. The appliance includes two hotplates that can be easily switched on and off, and your choice of either a single-zone induction hob or a warming plate.

  • Fuel type: Electric
  • Size: 150 cm
  • Trim: Stainless Steel
  • Hob Type: Induction Hob or Warming Plate
Colours available: Dove
Price from: £17,870.00 Inc. VAT (delivery and installation fees apply)
Collection 24/7 Radiant Heat
Product Family AGA R7
Model Name R7 150-5 / R7 150-5i
Height (mm) 915
Width (mm) 1478
Depth (mm) 698
Weight (kg) 554
No. of Ovens 5
Roasting Oven Yes
Baking Oven Yes
Simmering Oven Yes
Slow Cook Oven Yes
Warming Oven Yes
Boiling Plate Yes
Simmering Plate Yes
Switch On / Switch Off Hotplates Yes
Warming Plate Yes (Warming Plate model)
Induction Hob Yes (Induction Hob model)
Number of Induction Zones 1 (Induction Hob model)
Room Vented Yes
Fuel Type Electric
Roasting Oven Height (mm) 250
Roasting Oven Width (mm) 350
Roasting Oven Depth (mm) 500
Roasting Oven Usable Capacity (l) 40.6
Baking Oven Height (mm) 250
Baking Oven Width (mm) 350
Baking Oven Depth (mm) 500
Baking Oven Usable Capacity (l) 39
Simmering Oven Height (mm) 250
Simmering Oven Width (mm) 350
Simmering Oven Depth (mm) 500
Simmering Oven Usable Capacity (l) 40.6
Slow Cook Oven Height (mm) 250
Slow Cook Oven Width (mm) 350
Slow Cook Oven Depth (mm) 530
Slow Cook Oven Usable Capacity (l) 43
Warming Oven Height (mm) 250
Warming Oven Width (mm) 350
Warming Oven Depth (mm) 530
Warming Oven Usable Capacity (l) 43
Electrical Requirements 32 amp + 13 amp

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