AGA R3 100

If you admire the timeless AGA and are seeking functionality while saving on operating costs, the new 13-amp AGA R3 stands out as the ideal cooker for you. Operating independently, each oven and hotplate, along with a high-speed infrared grill and the option for an induction hob, blends the latest technology with tradition, offering a comprehensive solution for every cook. Whether you have a chilly kitchen, work from home, or just relish the warmth of AGA in your kitchen, the AGA R3 is tailored for you.

Beyond providing boiling and simmering modes on the hotplate, this model can come with a choice of either a second hotplate or a cutting-edge two-zone induction hob featuring a bridging function. The AGA R3 goes beyond cooking; it can replace a tumble dryer, toaster, and bread maker, eliminating the need for an electric kettle and reducing kitchen clutter. Installation is straightforward, requiring only a 13-amp supply, and it doesn’t require a plinth or flue, and no need for regular servicing.

  • Fuel type: Electric
  • Size: 100 cm
  • Trim: Stainless Steel
  • Hob Type: Induction Hob or Twin Hotplates models
Colours available: Dove
Price from: £11,415.00 Inc. VAT (delivery and installation fees apply)
Collection 24/7 Radiant Heat
Product Family AGA R3 Series
Model Name R3 100-4i (induction hob) or R3 100 4H (twin hotplates)
Height (mm) 913
Width (mm) 984
Depth (mm) 634
Weight (kg) 310
No. of Ovens 3
Roasting Oven Yes
Baking / Simmering Oven Yes
Warming Oven Yes
Grill Yes
Boiling Plate Yes (twin hotplate model)
Simmering Plate Yes (twin hotplate model)
Boiling / Simmering Plate Yes (induction hob model)
Switch On / Switch Off Hotplates Yes
Induction Hob Yes (induction hob model)
Number of Induction Zones 2 (induction hob model)
Induction Bridging Feature Yes (induction hob model)
Room Vented Yes
Fuel Type Electric
Roasting Oven Height (mm) 250
Roasting Oven Width (mm) 350
Roasting Oven Depth (mm) 474
Roasting Oven Usable Capacity (l) 38.51
Baking/Simmering Oven Height (mm) 250
Baking/Simmering Oven Width (mm) 350
Baking/Simmering Oven Depth (mm) 480
Baking/Simmering Oven Usable Capacity (l) 38.04
Warming Oven Height (mm) 250
Warming Oven Width (mm) 350
Warming Oven Depth (mm) 512
Warming Oven Usable Capacity (l) 40.38
Grill Yes
Grill Width (mm) 350
Electrical Requirements 2 x 13 amp

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