AGA eR3 110

The AGA eR3 110 is a versatile addition to the 3 Series range, offering a host of useful features including a cast-iron hotplate, two cast-iron ovens, a warming oven, cookware storage and a state-of-the-art three-zone induction hob. Measuring 110cm in width, the AGA eR3 Series 110 integrates into any existing kitchen setup. This fully electric model eliminates the need for servicing, plinth, and flue, making AGA installation and ownership more convenient than ever.

The AGA eR3 Series 110 boasts two cast-iron ovens designed for optimal baking and roasting in one and simmering in the other, enhancing the flavour of your culinary creations. Additionally, it provides a practical warming oven and ample space for cookware storage.

Equipped with a highly efficient hotplate, this model quickly heats up in 10 to 12 minutes, offering two settings for simmering or boiling. The state-of-the-art three-zone induction hob includes a bridging feature, perfect for accommodating a griddle plate, fish kettle, or other sizable cookware.

  • Fuel type: Electric
  • Size: 110 cm
  • Trim: Stainless Steel
  • Hob Type: Induction Hob
Colours available: Dove
Price from: £12,160.00 Inc. VAT (delivery and installation fees apply)
Collection Everyday Radiant Heat
Product Family AGA eR3 Series
Model Name eR3 110-4i
Height (mm) 913
Width (mm) 1100
Depth (mm) 634
Weight (kg) 340
No. of Ovens 3
Simmering Oven Yes
Roasting/Baking Oven Yes
Warming Oven Yes
Cookware Storage Yes
Boiling / Simmering Plate Yes
Switch On / Switch Off Hotplates Yes
Induction Hob Yes
Number of Induction Zones 3
Programmer /Timer Option Yes
Room Vented Yes
Fuel Type Electric
Roasting/Baking Oven Height (mm) 250
Roasting/Baking Oven Width (mm) 350
Roasting/Baking Oven Depth (mm) 474
Roasting/Baking Oven Usable Capacity (l) 38.5
Simmering Oven Height (mm) 250
Simmering Oven Width (mm) 350
Simmering Oven Depth (mm) 474
Simmering Oven Usable Capacity (l) 38.5
Warming Oven Height (mm) 250
Warming Oven Width (mm) 350
Warming Oven Depth (mm) 512
Warming Oven Usable Capacity (l) 40.3
Cookware Storage Usable Capacity (l) 40.3
Cookware Storage Height (mm) 250
Cookware Storage Width (mm) 350
Cookware Storage Depth (mm) 512
Electrical Requirements 32 amp and 13 amp

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