AGA eR7 & R7 Series

Fully electric, the AGA R7 is controllable, easy-to-use and offers a host of refined features for flexible cooking. The ovens are designed to be left on, so that they are always available for use and provide a gentle warmth to keep your kitchen cosy. 

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AGA R7 100

Designed and made in the UK, the AGA R7 100 offers the iconic good looks you'd expect from AGA with enhanced controllability. AGA R7 cookers feature a clear, easy-to-use control panel and offer four different temperature settings for flexibility and energy saving, including a low mode and a high temperature option to provide a boost when you need it, such as for festive cooking.


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AGA R7 150

The AGA R7 150 offers three cast-iron ovens with four different temperature settings as well as additional slow-cooking and warming ovens, two independently controlled hotplates and a warming plate for true cooking flexibility. 


Models in the AGA eR7 Series collection are powered by electricity and have the iconic good looks you’d expect from an AGA cooker, but with everyday enhanced controllability providing the option to set the ovens to different temperatures. The cast-iron ovens cook using radiant heat, meaning food tastes better and all the flavour, moisture and goodness is locked in.


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AGA eR7 100

The AGA eR7 100 offers that iconic AGA design and three cast-iron ovens for radiant heat cooking. AGA eR7 models are on when you need them and off when you don’t and, like all AGA cookers, can put gentle heat into the room when you want it.


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AGA eR7 150

The AGA eR7 150i offers three cast-iron ovens for roasting, baking and simmering and two additional independently controllable ovens for slow cooking and warming. The roasting and baking ovens offer ultimate precision with additional pre-set temperatures for accurate cooking. This model features a state-of-the-art induction hob.